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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already June! With the Showcase at Smith’s Olde Bar just around the corner I feel like I am in a whirlwind of chiffon, sequins and coins! But it’s time to plan my summer class schedule.

My drop-in technique classes on Wednesday at Muse for Life in Sandy Springs will continue through the end of June. After that I will take a break from teaching at that location until the fall.

On Thursdays at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance Studio, I will continue the Level 1 drop-in classes at 6:30pm, followed by a Level 2 choreography at 7:40pm through the summer.

The next choreography session begins Thursday June 12th at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance – register now!! This will be my last choreography session before I take a summer break. The next choreography session will be in mid-September.

This is a classical Egyptian style choreography by Aziz of Salt Lake City who was one of my early mentors. I was fortunate enough to study with him extensively and as a result he gave me and appreciation for Modern Egyptian style as well as the styles that blossomed out of Bal Anat and San Francisco during the 70’s and early 80’s. He retired several years ago and is now an accomplished painter still living in Salt Lake City – learn more about him…

A native of Utah, Aziz began dancing in the 1972. He was inspired by a dancer named Shyamara who performed at The Athenian Restaurant Salt Lake City. He then began to commute back and forth from California to take from some of bellydance’s greatest teachers. These included Jamila Salimpour, Raqia Hassan, Mona El Said and Roman (Bert) Baladine. By 1976 he was teaching on the National Circuit.

He initially studied the Traditional Old Style Bellydance but later became an expert on Modern Egyptian which he is now known for. Probably the first major contributor to bellydance in Salt Lake City, he brought in many workshops and started the first professional dance troupe there which included some members that later became Kismet. He has taught in Salt Lake and on the national circuit for many years and still continues to be in high demand nationally. I have personally taken some classes from Aziz and can attest to his versatility as a dancer and a teacher. Always very kind and knowledgeable, he takes time to break down movements and make sure everyone understands. He usually starts a new class once a year in the fall and tends not to allow latecomers to join in, so there will be no one holding back the rest of the class. I believe right now he’s looking for some really dedicated students to mentor, so he can pass on the full depth and breath of his knowledge. 

Source: Shems

Watch Aziz perform here

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