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Tuesday Evenings @ Atlanta Fusion Studios located at 5522 New Peachtree Road Suite 111, Chamblee, GA 30341
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6:30pm Hardcore Belly Dance – Technique

Aziza Nawal’s next Hardcore class session thaws you out from the cold and ushers in Spring! Prepare to sweat as this class is packed with drills, combos. traveling across the floor, and solid technique founded in the Belly Dance Evolution style.

7:30pm HardCore Belly Dance 6 Songs Every Belly Dancer Should Know

6 songs every bellydancer should know! Learn about rhythms and movement combinations that accompany them along with musicality for the composition. New song each week – drop ins welcome.

New Class Session Begins March 21

Tuesdays 6:30p – Hardcore Belly Dance – Spring! Aziza Nawal’s next Hardcore class session thaws you out from the cold and ushers in Spring! Prepare to sweat as this class is packed with drills, combos. traveling across the floor, and solid technique founded in the Belly Dance Evolution style.

Tuesdays 7:30p – Oriental Flowers Choreography: Belly Dance Evolution Alum, Aziza Nawal will be teaching a beautiful and challenging choreography by Jillina that was featured in the Alice in Wonderland production. This choreography includes a rich movement vocabulary that can be performed as a solo or in a group with formations.

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Beyond the Basics – Middle Eastern Dance Fundamentals

Let’s get the new year started right with the fundamentals of Middle Eastern dance layered with step combinations and shimmies. Each class will feature a warm up, technique breakdown and drills then close out with a nice cool down stretch. All levels and drop-ins welcome.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 7 PM EST – 8 PM EST

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Hardcore 2021 Belly Dance Technique Class

Get up off of that thang! The holidays are done and the new year has begun so let’s dance! Aziza Nawal will be bringing back the technique, combos, and shimmy drills her loyal students love plus training to improve posture, flexibility and strength. Some stretches will be on the floor so have a yoga mat or towel handy. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at 8 PM EST – 9 PM EST via Zoom

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Classes for the rest of 2020

There are still a few drop in classes happening in 2020 on Tuesdays @ 7pm & 8pm!!

Lucky 7 Belly Dance Combinations!
In this 7 week series, Aziza Nawal will teach 7 spectacular Belly Dance combinations! Each week will introduce a new set of combinations and detailed breakdown. Class it tailored for Beginner to Intermediate level Belly Dancers. Drop in or register for the series! Please register ***before*** 6pm EST each week for a link to class
Class meets online via Zoom

HardCore for the Holidays!
Tuesdays 8pm-9pm EST. In this 7 week series, Aziza Nawal focuses on Intermediate-Advanced level Belly Dance technique and combos! Class meets via Zoom. Register **before** 6pm EST for a link to class

Online Classes Continue

I am currently offering online classes via Zoom! We all are trying to figure out how to navigate this weird world as the pandemic continues and I believe that dance and movement are paramount to keeping a healthy mind and body.

Join me on Tuesdays to get some face time with other like minded individuals who are sharing this journey through dance. I teach a Middle Eastern Dance Fundamentals class at 7pm – topics will vary and all levels are welcome. This class is best if you have had some dance training but please don’t be discouraged if haven’t – I will guide you through the warm up and technique section in addition to opening up for questions from the class.

At 8pm the class shifts to more advanced levels in the Hardcore class while still focusing on core training. In this class, I will lead a vigorous warm-up and stretch, followed by technique, then a combination that we will drill then close out the class with gentle stretch and cool down.

To register for the class please navigate to Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance Studios here. Classes are often drop-in, but I will be teaching full sessions for choreography classes.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in my virtual dance space!

Fascinating Finger Cymbals

Join Aziza Nawal for a special finger cymbal workshop online! She will teach her playing techniques, core patterns to common Middle Eastern rhythms and movement combinations that can accompany them. Whether you are new to finger cymbals or have been playing for years, this class is for you!

Only $15 plus EventBrite fees. Register Now

Aziza Nawal has developed a mastery of the art of Finger Cymbals during her two decade journey as an Oriental dancer. She attributes her skill to her teachers, most notably Aziz of Salt Lake City, Cassandra and John Compton who studied with Jamilla Salimpour.

The art of playing finger cymbals has its roots in ancient Egypt, Turkey and Greece. In the latter part of the 20th century, Oriental dance experienced increased popularity with immigrants flocking to places like New Your City and San Francisco to open restaurants and nightclubs featuring live music and dance performances. Finger cymbals were an integral part of an oriental dancer’s performance.

In recent years, Modern Egyptian style has become more popular which dispenses with extensive use of veil and rarely includes finger cymbals with the exception of a folkloric routine. During this time, American Tribal Style breathed new life into playing finger cymbals drawing on the legacy of the Salimpour School.

Aziza Nawal has been an ambassador for the art of finger cymbals by including it regularly into her curriculum.

Online Classes Available Now

Tuesdays Thru-May 5, 2020:
7pm-8pm Beginner Fundamentals!
8pm-9pm One Minute Choreography!
We are excited about this next series of Tuesday classes with Aziza Nawal!! Tuesdays March 31- May 5

Aziza Nawal will teach a different one minute choreography each week in BOTH classes. A variety of styles will be represented including veil, tribal, folklore and more. Drop-ins welcome or you can save money by purchasing the session.

7pm – All levels
8pm – Intermediate – Advanced level
Drop ins are welcome ($10 in advance, $12 on day of class)

Click here to register for 7pm Fundamentals or 8pm HardCore

New Classes start February 11

New 6 week session begins February 11, 2020

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Beginner Choreography @ 7pm

In this 6 week session, Aziza Nawal will teach a special choreography for beginners to be performed at the upcoming Atlanta’s Got Talent Show on March 22. In order to perform, you must attend all 6 classes to learn the choreography, practice on your own and attend one rehearsal. It’s your time to shine!

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Hardcore Folklore @ 8pm

Aziza Nawal special focus on folkloric dances returns with a focus on line dances of the Mediterranean! In this 6 week session you will learn the steps used in Greek and Lebanese line dances. This will be performed at the upcoming Atlanta’s Got Talent Show on March 22. Class and rehearsal attendance required.

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Jillina’s BDExperience comes to Atlanta February 7-9

My long time friend and mentor, Jillina, is returning to Atlanta in 2020. She is bringing her latest production, Wizard of Oz, as well as offering a weekend of  workshops.

I have had the honor and pleasure of performing with Belly Dance Evolution on two tours – Alice in Wonderland and Fantasm: Odyssey of Dreams. Working with Jillina and her talented staff was an inspiration not only to my personal experience as a performer, but as an instructor as well. 

When it was announced that Jillina was returning with BDExperience, I was thrilled to learn there were opportunities for a lead role.  I decided to go for it. I’m proud to say that I was selected to play the part of the Scarecrow! Which, by the way, was my favorite character from the original movie.

We are working hard to learn the choreography via online coaching and will assemble for a little less than a week in February to rehearse. Many of us will be meeting each other for the first time! One of the things I have enjoyed by being a part of the expanding Belly Dance Evolution family, was connecting with dancers from across the US and the world. I have learned so much from everyone involved and not just incredible feedback on my dance skills, but what it takes to make a show like this happen.  This has informed every show I have been involved with since and I have Jillina to thank.

Follow me down the yellow brick road on February 9 @ 4pm – this is an incredible opportunity to see a brilliant production and support your local artists. Dancers – don’t miss out on an opportunity to study with Jillina and her co directors Jill Collins and Luna.

Get ticket info here. See you there!!

Aziza Nawal