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Banat Nawal
Aziza Nawal and Banat Nawal at 7 Stages Theatre

Learn the fundamentals of the art of belly dance from multi-award winning instructor Aziza Nawal. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, you can learn technique, choreography, props and more – all while getting a nice workout and toning your body.

Aziza Nawal brings you knowledge from her extensive study with such Egyptian dance legends as Raqia Hassan, Dina, Fifi Abdou and more. Aziza Nawal’s teaching style is clear, encouraging and fun. Her background in dance study also includes 70’s style American Cabaret with Turkish and Greek influences, as well as regional dances from Upper Egypt, Persian Gulf and North Africa.

From Aziza Nawal: My mission is to share my love of this beautiful art form that is rich in culture. I believe it is a powerful tool that builds self esteem through increasing body awareness and provides an opportunity to form strong bonds with others who discover a passion for the dance. Share the journey with me!

Aziza Nawal is proud to call Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance Studios her teaching home. She offeres weekly group classes as well as quarterly workshops.

Aziza Nawal’s classes are on Tuesday evenings – Topics and schedule vary – check the homepage for the latest posts. Here are some examples of her class offerings:

Belly Dance Foundations

This is a Level One class perfect for the beginner, novice beginner and those intermediate to advanced level dancers seeking structured core training. As they say in ballet – “back to the bar” – this class moves you through a body awareness warm-up, isolation exercises, various shimmies and traveling moves that are all essential to Middle Eastern Dance.

Hardcore Belly Dance

Join Aziza Nawal for a Hardcore Belly Dance feature technique, drills, choreography, fingers cymbals, all manner of props, and so many styles! All classes include warm-up and cool down. Drop-ins are welcome unless this is a choreography session.

Hardcore Choreography

Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance Studios sponsors several shows throughout the year featuring performances by students. In this class you will learn an Aziza Nawal original choreography and have an opportunity to perform at an upcoming show.

Attention Students:

  1. IMPORTANT: Please arrive 10 minutes before class starts so that you can sign-in, change clothes if necessary and begin class on-time.
  2. Mute your mobile devices.
  3. Please inform Aziza Nawal if you have any injuries, illnesses or are pregnant.
  4. Recommended clothing: yoga pants and tank top. Sometimes long sleeves are needed in the chillier months.
  5. Please bring water to stay hydrated.
  6. Keep practicing!!! The more you practice, the better you will grasp the movement concepts and train your muscles.
  7. Have fun and ask questions!

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