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Aziza Nawal is has been involved in Oriental Dance (belly dance) for over two decades. She has made regular and guest appearances in restaurants and stage shows throughout the U.S. and holds numerous awards. She was cast in the ensemble for Belly Dance Evolution’s Alice in Wonderland and Fantasm productions for their southeast tour and selected as a featured soloist in their most recent Wizard of Oz production. Aziza Nawal has appeared on local, national and international television including WGCL’s “Good Morning Atlanta”, Fox Television’s “30 Seconds to Fame”, B.E.T.’s “Hell Date” and featured on “Yildiz Yagmuru”, a live variety show filmed in Istanbul, Turkey. Aziza Nawal also appears on the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance performance video Belly Dance O’ Rama.

Aziza Nawal’s extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern music and rhythms results in her eloquent musical interpretation and dynamic performances. This was made evident by her recent work with the King of Drum Issam Houshan. Seminar attendees have praised their workshops for being incredibly educational as well as entertaining due to Issam and Aziza Nawal’s unique chemistry together.

As an instructor, Aziza Nawal has taught ongoing group classes and specialty workshops in the Southeastern United States since 1998. She was a featured instructor and performer at the Annual Mabruk Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has also taught workshops in Seattle, Tulsa, and all over the Southeast.

Aziza Nawal has always continued to enrich her dance education by pursuing many styles and has proven her diversity by being member of Awalim Tribal Dance CompanyWith Awalim, Aziza Nawal opened for the Yard Dogs Road Show, The Indigo, and Beats Antique.

She believes the path of learning is never complete and seeks out her favorites instructors as mentors and supports her local dance community by attending their classes and workshops.

Aziza Nawal is a certified fitness instructor, fine artist and by day, an Application Support Engineer for a large media conglomerate.  An avid fan of science fiction and a movie buff, she has recently enjoyed creating cosplay for her and her husband – follow her Instagram for more. She attributes her compelling performance skills to her lifetime love of epic movies and vaudeville.

Quotes from seminar attendees:

“Aziza Nawal was exceptional as a clear and concise instructor. I felt she taught us as much in those 4 short hours as I have gotten in other 6 (or more) hour seminars. Also, on an individual basis, she was such fun to visit with…. treating experienced and rank beginning dancers with equal respect and friendliness. I would mark her high on my list to take another seminar from.” – (Tulsa, OK)

“I wish every seminar instructor provided the class with such a thorough and complete package. I think you will probably gain a great reputation for teaching such and informative and complete seminar!” – (Dallas, TX)

“I felt like I came back from Tulsa not only having learned a new choreography, but also with a better understanding of how to interpret music. “ – (St. Louis, MO)


  • Winner Middle Eastern Dance in North America Competition 2002
  • Nominated for Zaghareet Magazine’s Best Kept Secret 2003
  • Third Place Double Crown Competition in Vancouver, Wa 2005
  • Third Runner-up in the Bellydancer of the Universe Competition Long Beach, CA 2006
  • Belly Dance Challenge Winner Atlanta, GA 2009
  • Aphrodite Award for Oriental Dance performance at Oasis Dance Camp 2012
  • Nominated for the Raqs Atlanta Teacher of the Year Award 2013


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