2018 Dance Classes with Aziza Nawal

Aziza Nawal teaches at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance Studios on Tuesday evenings Sessions vary so please check back for details.

Beginner Belly Dance Tuesdays 7pm

Hardcore Belly Dance Tuesdays 8pm

That’s right Tuesday is Aziza Nawal day at AFBD! Level 1 drop-in classes at 7pm for all new to belly dance and those who just want some good old fashioned technique. We will drill isolations, step combinations and shimmies essential to Middle Eastern Dance.

Then at 8pm, Aziza Nawal will teach the Intermediate/Advanced level class. Topics may include: combinations to different Middle Eastern rhythms each week explaining the structure and sound, how it is used in music of the region and most importantly – how to dance to them. Class will consist of drills across the floor with a focus on technique for the Intermediate to Professional level dancer as well as intense warm-ups. get ready to learn and train!

Drop-in classes are $10


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