Hardcore Zills starts August 7

Special 4 week session – Tuesdays August 7-28 @ 8pm
*Part 1 of 2, next session meets September 11 – October 16, no class September 25*

Part 1:
Join Aziza Nawal for this special 4 week Hardcore Belly Dance class focusing on zills (finger cymbals) and oriental dance (Belly Dance) technique. New to zills? No problem – this class will feature drills of common rhythms and patterns that is great for all levels of experience. This is an intermediate to advanced level dance class so knowledge of belly dance fundamentals is recommended.

Aziza Nawal recommends using quality finger cymbals for this class to get the most benefit – Saroyan and Turquoise International are trusted vendors. Miss Belly dance carries Turquoise International zills as well.

Part 2:
Hardcore Zills part II: Chroegraphy Class Sept 11 – Oct 16 (no class Sept 25). Take the skills you learned in Aziza Nawal’s previous session and apply them to learning this original choreography by Aziza Nawal.

In this 5 week class you will learn a choreography that will be performed at the Spooktacular show on October 21st at Nicola’s Restaurant. Attendance to all classes and one rehearsal prior to the show is encouraged. Aziza Nawal will have the final say on who will perform based on your participation and commitment. 

Here are links to purchase zills:




If you purchase these from Miss Belly Dance please specify you want Turquoise International Zils wither 2 1/4″ or 2 1/2″ diameter – these are the ones Aziza Nawal recommends.

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