Aziza Nawal to perform and teach with Issam Houshan!

Issam Houshan and Aziza Nawal

Issam Houshan and Aziza Nawal

Aziza Nawal will be teaching and performing with the legendary drummer Issam Houshan later this month. she met Issam over 10 years ago when she was a guest performer with Bellydance Superstars. He was delighted with her performance which happened to be one of her signature drum solos. She had made such an impression on him and fortunately they met once more at a workshop sponsored by Petite Jamilla in Alabama just a few months later. Aziza Nawal had pulled out yet another drum solo for the audiences delight at the show. Issam was sure to let her know how much he enjoyed her performances and eluded to working with her in the future.

Now it is finally happening!!! Aziza Nawal will teach with Issam and perform in a special show featuring live drumming and music by Issam.

Salimpour Tribute and Issam Houshan Show

As part of the Suhaila Intensive weekend sponsored by AFBD, the show will also feature students who are testing for Suhaila certification. In the second half of the show, Aziza Nawal’s special group of students who perform as Banat Nawal plus fellow Belly Dance Evolution sisters (Fatin and Samora) will perform Aziza Nawal’s choreography to Issam’s recorded music. Two other BDE sisters Heidi and Charlie have created something special for the show as well! The show would of course not be complete without a couple of performances from Aziza Nawal and Issam Houshan, King of Drum!

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Workshops with Issam Houshan and co-instructor Aziza Nawal:

Friday Jan 16
4:30PM-6:30PM Understanding how to dance to Middle Eastern Rhythms

Saturday January 17
4:30PM-6:30PM How to dance to a live drummer!

Monday Jan 19
10:00AM-12:00PM Zill while you dance!

Register for the workshops here


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