Fascinating Finger Cymbals

Join Aziza Nawal for a special finger cymbal workshop online! She will teach her playing techniques, core patterns to common Middle Eastern rhythms and movement combinations that can accompany them. Whether you are new to finger cymbals or have been playing for years, this class is for you!

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Aziza Nawal has developed a mastery of the art of Finger Cymbals during her two decade journey as an Oriental dancer. She attributes her skill to her teachers, most notably Aziz of Salt Lake City, Cassandra and John Compton who studied with Jamilla Salimpour.

The art of playing finger cymbals has its roots in ancient Egypt, Turkey and Greece. In the latter part of the 20th century, Oriental dance experienced increased popularity with immigrants flocking to places like New Your City and San Francisco to open restaurants and nightclubs featuring live music and dance performances. Finger cymbals were an integral part of an oriental dancer’s performance.

In recent years, Modern Egyptian style has become more popular which dispenses with extensive use of veil and rarely includes finger cymbals with the exception of a folkloric routine. During this time, American Tribal Style breathed new life into playing finger cymbals drawing on the legacy of the Salimpour School.

Aziza Nawal has been an ambassador for the art of finger cymbals by including it regularly into her curriculum.

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